Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baofeng UV-3R: Software

[ Don't have a UV-3R yet? Get one here. ]

UPDATE 11-12-12A new version (1.10) has been released under the UV-X4 model. It adds the ability to update the FM Broadcast memories via the software. 
UPDATE 11-10-25: There is now an updated version of the UV-3R software that was released with the UV-3R Mark II - The new software information is *** here ***
UPDATE 11-09-27: As an alternative to the UV-3R software, you may want to try CHIRP. It supports the UV-3R as well as radios from ICOM, Yaesu, etc.
I've encountered two versions of the software for the UV-3R (Amazon). The first version, matching the screen shots below, has the installation steps in Chinese. This version is the one that came on the CD which shipped with my radio. I assume it is Chinese as my computer does not recognize the characters and displays gibberish. In this version the actual software is in English. The other version was the opposite - English installation with a Chinese application. As you can imagine, I stuck with the first version.

I installed the programming software first and assumed I would install the USB driver when I plugged in the radio. You can see the Chinese install below. The middle button in the first three screen shots is the one you want - you can tell by by the "N" that it is the "Next" button. The final window has an option to "C" for "Close" (not shown).

After it finishes installing, you get a folder with the short-cut to start the software.

I then plugged in the USB cable and the radio. When I powered on the radio, Windows detected the new device and started installing it. (Note: I did not do anything to put the radio into programming mode. Some rigs require that, but not the UV-3R.)I must already had the drivers for the Prolific USB to Serial chipset installed as it did not prompt me for any files. When it completed, it told me that the device was ready on COM5.

Next I started the software using the short-cut displayed at the end of the software install. First, I went to the Com Port menu and selected Port to display the Communication Port screen. I selected COM5 to match the information provided when the driver was installed.

I then clicked Device and Read to copy the configuration to the software. I saved the file before making my edits.

Once you've completed your edits, you will want to save the file and then select Device and Write. I recommend saving different versions of the file (perhaps by date), so you can always go back if you break something.


  1. Embè, but were is the software ?

  2. If you order the USB cable, it will come with a CD.

    You can download a version from Fleetwood DP


    That may be the English install with the Chinese application. I have not tested it.

    You can get both versions from the UV-3R Yahoo Group if you sign up.


  3. http://www.fleetwooddp.com/digital/index.php?main_page=page&id=15

    I have used it. This software is in English.

  4. How can you set the + or - using the software? How can you set the offset using the software?

    Thank you.

    1. I found this to be a problem too... have you found a solution yet?

  5. Glenn,

    I've loaned my radio to a friend for a few days but I believe the offsets had to be manually set. I don't recall if the CHIRP software would handle the offsets automatically or not.


  6. Which is the better version? My version is V 1.01.01 2010-10-08.
    73, klause

  7. Klause,

    That is the same version I use and I have no problems with it.


  8. Brick, if I put a 440mhz freq. on line 1, then go to line two, change "frequency range" for 2m, line one default to a 2m freq. I get an "all data will be intialized" screen also.
    How can I change bands without losing my preview freqs?

    1. program using the V+UHF setting. It work for me.

  9. Hi guys

    How do I expand a 18 menu uv-3r single srceen, I have tryed loads of software but just cant expand it,,


    1. If you have tried the 1.10 software and different settings, you may simply have a radio that is locked in the firmware and will not be expandable. I don't know that there is a way to know for sure (like a cutoff serial number). Sorry that isn't more helpful.

  10. hi brick i'am from indonesia and as u know the uv3r fm receive is only 87-108mhz...is there's some way to expand the fm receiver,coz i need it to receive at least 76-108mhz..best regard

    1. I do not know of a way, but there may be regional versions of the radio. I am surprised that they don't all support 68 to 108 MHz.

  11. What about software for the Baofeng BF-U8?. Can it use the same software as the UV-3R?.

  12. Can anyone assist me....I have a baofeng 888S , its identical ( give or take a bit ) to the baofeng 666 , baofeng 777 and 888 .

    Mine is a single band ( UHF ) I have no Programing software for it...CHIRP didnt work , my radio was not listed I did try it anyways...Im desperate !!!!

    Can any one post a link or Email me the software for the baofeng 666s , 777s and 888s - Id be VERY Thankful !!!!

    email me directly : roger@fm106.ca

    1. Try this:


  13. i need programing software for baofeng bf-u8