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Baofeng UV-3R + Plus (Kenwood Plug)
Baofeng UV-3R Mark II (Dual Display)
UV-5R (Dual Band?)

Manual - UV-3R
Manual - UV-5R

Specs - UV-3R
Specs - UV-5R

Menu Options - UV-3R
Cheat Sheet by ZL2GVA - UV-3R
Internals/Integrated Circuits
Internals/Integrated Circuits 2
Color Options
Baofeng Info
Vero Global Telecom Info (UV-3R Manufacturer)
Vero Global Telecom Blog

FCC Approval
The UV-3R now has FCC Part 90 Type Acceptance
I was predicting a US Reseller - Import Communications, but instead we have Baofeng-UV3R.US NH7QH RADIO SUPPLIES, LLC. first.

The UV-3R requires an antenna with a SMA-M connector.
Some radios are shipped with one antenna for each band. The shorter antenna (with a red ring) is for UHF. The longer antenna is for VHF.
If you want a dual band antenna, many people recommend the Nagoya NA-701.
Also, the Nagoya NA-666 is popular.
Rubberized Telescopic Antenna

Compatible with Yaesu MH-34 - UNVERIFIED
Speaker Mic for the Mark II

Batteries, Charging Base, Accessories
Charging the spare battery in the base
Battery Case / AA Case
Battery Case / AA Case 2
Power Plug - 2.5mm x 0.7mm
Car Charger
USB Charger
Plastic Shells - Change the Color of your UV-3R
Soft Case
Note: The NP-60 (FUJI compatible - not Casio) battery can be used with the UV-3R. Credit Klaus, DJ7OO
Note: The battery dimensions are 2" x 1.4" x 0.29" (53.25mm x 35.35mm x 7.25mm) Credit Lee, N9LO
Note: If you grind off the metal where the belt clip attaches, it is possible to use both the standard Yaesu Battery cover and AA battery case without further modification. Also, with the aftermarket/knock-off cases, many folks report problems with getting rechargeable batteries to fit. Regular AA batteries fit fine.
Note: The center of the power connector is negative.

The screen may be capable of displaying alpha characters, but the radio does not support alpha tags.

USB Cable
USB Cable Schematic
G4ILO's USB Programming Cable
Baofeng - Programming Software
Baofeng - Programming Software Mark II
CHIRP - Programming Software Alternative
Alpha Tags

Note: When you update your radio using the software, any FM broadcast stations you have stored will be erased.
Note: You do not have to put the radio into a programming mode.
Note: There is no method for cloning radios directly from one to another.

Receive audio is too loud even at lowest volume setting - see mod below.
Spurious (2nd harmonic) transmissions - Summary
Spurious transmissions on harmonics - see mod below.
Scanning is very slow.
Choppiness/Dropping receive audio - see troubleshooting below.

Low Pass Filter (WA5ZNU) - Harmonics Issue
Loud Receive Audio Fix (OM1LD)
LCD Color Change

Will not stop transmitting
Note: Choppiness/Dropping receive audio - Setting the Squelch (Menu 3) to 0 and the Wide/Narrow Receive (Menu 13) to Wide solves the problem for some. This problem is believed to be caused by the squelch closing due to other nearby signals.
Note: Flipping the frequency step size (Menu Option 9) back and forth has been found to resolve a problem with tone (1750 Hz) when you are unable to transmit successfully. Credit Alex, PA1FOX
Note: After a factory reset, there is a bug that prevents the radio from being read by the software. You need to write a file to the radio first. Files are available from the UV-3R Yahoo Group.
Note: If the display shows all icons/numbers lit up, waiting a few minutes normally returns the display to normal. Reports are that the greater the time between uses, the more likely this is to occur in some radios.

Unboxing - UV-3R
Unboxing UV-5R

Menus - UV-3R
Disassembly - UV-3R
Chris Howard (2E0CTH) UV-3R Quick Start Guide - UV-3R

Internet Groups/Forums
Facebook | Baofeng Electronics
Yahoo Group | UV-3R
Yahoo Group | UV-5R

Reviews - UV-3R
F5IYJ - Phil - France
F8BDX - Jose - France
HJ4AFB - Arnold - Columbia
KC2RA - First Look: Baofeng UV-3R Review
N9EWO VGC / Baofeng / Magiksun / Comtex / Zastone UV-3R Review
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Other Models
Magiksun UV-3R
Comtex UV-3R
Zastone ZT-UV3R