This is my disclaimer page where I will list any financial relationships I have through this blog.

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I do not have any financial relationship with any of the radio suppliers. We communicate and I share information that I think my readers will enjoy. I have purchased radios, etc. from them, but I've paid the same price as everyone else.

If any of this changes, I will post about the change and update this page.

Cheers and thanks for reading.


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  1. Just found your blog... Nice... Ham radio, Guns, and East Tennessee - what more could a person want??

    Steve, W4HKL

  2. Good Day, I have been trying and trying to program my QYT KT-8900R. I have, used the CD and cable that came with the radio. Now I am not, a computer programmer but, I am not dumb to computers. My son who is a, programmer with the Navy and is up on all new, and old shit. He himself, is scratching his head and, is saying the CD and the book does not make a damn bit of since. I followed the directions, that say to turn on the radio, and hook-up the cable to the front of the radio. Then it tells you to read first from the radio and to, set up into the chrip file for future use. It will not even, do that!!!!!!! So please answer me one question??? Not trying to sound rude, nasty, or anything else but, what the hell have I done wrong. I like the radio it is, small and can fit just about anywhere one would like it to be. I plan to use it in my shack since, I have a Icom Ic-746 (nonpro) which covers from, 160-10 and 6m and 2 meter. I got it because of having 70cm. The club I belong to has a loaner program in which one can use any of the radios, and keep it until someone else wants to try it or, I decide to purchase one myself. So any HELP would be great.


  3. Howdy,

    I am ve3pzr, the guy that did the Soft Mod webpage for the UV-3R.

    I just picked up a HLN KD-C1 UHF Mini Radio and have been able to Soft Mod it for 220MHz.