Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baofeng UV-5R: Schematics

Via, a direct link to a PDF Schematic of the UV-5R. It is interesting that the file name is F8UV-1846 (bottom right in the drawing). I wonder if the F8 is for the TYT TH-F8 and the UV is for the UV-5R. Just some idle speculation on my part.


  1. I have read some comments that UV-5R has low modulation compared to some other handhelds.
    Is not that I didn't take a look at the schematic but, is there any way to increase the mic gain on this radio? Is "MIC1" any potentiometer?

  2. It's all software controlled there is a deviation setting software command code that tells the chip how much deviation to put out but the instruction set is proprietary so good luck there Not much you can do when everything is inside an IC.

  3. Hi to all.I need your help,if you know

    I forgot my two baofeng UV-5R on,when I was testing a transmitter 80-100watts.Both of them were near to the transmitter(about 2 meters).After that, both of them have very bad sensitivity for receiving and trasmiting.Their performance is 95% down.Any ideas where to search for coreecting it?I am guessing close to the antenna circuit.For sure something is burned out that doesnt allow the reciving signal to ''come in'' but also the transmiting.Any experience,ideas will be helpfull.Thanks

    1. I hate to say it, but the best thing you can do is to throw them in the trash. The electronics in these things is pretty much all surface mount, a handful of discreet components and a couple of big ICs - almost impossible to work on. At less than $30 each, they are true "throw-aways" and you'd be better off getting new ones.

  4. the easiest way to improve the modulation is to change the microphone to a type with higher level
    a type with -35db should be fine.
    Normal sensity is about -70db

  5. I own 4 UV-5R's (newest firmware version) and the modulation is very good with the built-in mic and with the Baofeng speaker microphone on all 4.

  6. Someone knows wich pin is well for direct output from discriminator?
    I need decode PS2 with Unitrunker and DSD.
    Excuse my poor English.