Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope

Mike's got a new toy. I always tempted by adding tools to my bench... you know, something besides a screw driver and duct tape would be nice to have.


  1. $399 is kinda steep for one of these Asian digital meters. Do you know what the big discount is?

  2. Not looking to troll/flame/start a thread war at all. I would like to know a company (American or Asian) that has a 50 mhz scope for $399 shipped and can be unlocked with a software key to 100 mhz with ton of other stuff. $399 is the lowest you will find anywhere in the world for a oscilloscope with as many useful features as this one has. Like i said not trying to bait you here into a conflict just want to understand your logic here.

  3. Here you can see what you get for 399, I think it started the time for hobbyists to get such device on their workbenches "besides a screw driver and duct tape" :)