Friday, November 26, 2010

Radio Indecision 2010

My waffling continues...

I'm still trying to decide what radio I want to buy. I've been reading reviews, forums, and other websites. Paralysis by analysis! The Yaesu FT-450AT has been added to the HF list. Lots of folks like the Icom IC-718, but I think I'd like to have the option of 6M. If I go with two rigs, then I'm looking at the Yaesu FTM-350R or the Wouxun KG-UV920R for 2M. The KG-UV920R isn't available yet, but I have hopes for it (in both cost and performance) based on my experience with their HT, the KG-UVD1P.

Option 1: FT-857D
Option 2: FT-450 + FTM-350R
Option 3: FT-450 + KG-UV920R
Option 4: IC-7000

My father-in-law brought over some RG-8X coax, a dummy load, and some connectors. This is in addition to the FT-817 he has loaned me, the power supply, and the quarter wave ground plane 2M antenna. He's gonna have me all setup except I won't have bought my own radio!

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