Friday, December 31, 2010

True Grit

I saw True Grit (2010) today. I've not see the original, but I've heard good things about the remake. I came away being being lukewarm about it. The plot was straight forward and enough to keep me interested. I didn't buy Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges in their roles. There was too much of The Dude in Cogburn and Damon doesn't make for a believable talkative, if not out right effeminate, Texas Ranger. Also, there were some rough transitions between scenes that were jarring. On the plus side, there were several excellent one-liners and bits of wisdom (like not needing a good lawyer, but rather a good judge) to keep things moving.

Since I didn't love this movie, maybe I should have gone to something with different actors like Tron: Legacy. Oh, wait, nevermind.

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