Saturday, December 18, 2010

Unboxing the ICOM IC-7000

I posted some time ago that I had ordered an ICOM IC-7000 radio. Below is the unboxing video. The IC-7000 covers both the HF bands as well as 2M and 70cm. It will do 100W on HF and 50W on 2M. One big selling point was the nice color screen. If I'm gonna have to struggle to learn something like this, I don't want to be messing around with a tiny screen and little buttons. It has a removable head unit and I got the separation kit for free with my order. For now, I will be using this as a base station.

Next up, a video of my rig connected and running in my shack.


  1. I really have enjoyed my 3 month old IC-7000. Here's pictures of how I have it mounted in my Chevy Blazer:

    Here's a video of my QSO with a ham in France on the 7000:

  2. Very nice setup. Great video, too. It is amazing what ham radio can do.