Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Echolink is a tool for accessing repeaters via a computer. You connect over the internet using Echolink to Echolink enabled repeaters and you can converse with other hams that are likewise using a PC or are transmitting via a radio. You can get into repeaters all over the world if they are running the software. Echolink will require you to prove that you are a licensed operator before granting you access to the network.

My father-in-law is not interested in Echolink. He says he has no interest in making his computer talk to someone else's computer. I think it is a neat way for someone to get on the air in a very inexpensive fashion. You could spend $15 to get your license and (assuming you have a PC and internet) be on some 2M repeaters with no other expense.

In addition to the PC client, you can install mobile versions for your iPhone/iPad or Android device.

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