Sunday, January 2, 2011

A quick look at my mobile rig

Just the basics...

I bought the radio from Ed at You can find the same radio for slightly less, but Ed was fantastic. He was very responsive to pre-sales questions I asked. I ordered on a Saturday and had it on Monday! He is an active participant in the Wouxun Yahoo group, too.

UPDATE: The original video had audio problems, so I've replaced it.


  1. Was wondering if I could ask you a few more specific questions regarding your mobile set up.
    -what (model/where to buy) is the short sma-pl cable you have running from your radio to the antenna coax
    -does the 12v battery eliminator cable kink badly when setting in the cup holder as you have shown? the power cable comes out the bottom right?
    Eddie Fig

  2. I hope these answers help.

    I bought the cable on ebay here. The sheath is pulling out from the SMA connector a little bit. I'm sure it is because the heavier UHF connectors pull on it when they fall between the seat and the center console.

    The power cable does come out of the bottom, so the radio does not sit flat. It does not kink badly. The antenna is more of a problem.

    The worst part of this install is that you can't see the screen or the controls very well. I don't do a lot of scanning or changing of frequencies, so it works for me.