Tuesday, February 1, 2011

China Won't Rule the World

I stumbled across this article on Esquire about China. It lists 5 reasons, China will fail to dominate the world.

No. 1: Demographics, or the Birth of a Nation of Selfish "Little Emperors" - individual egos demand more
No. 2: Accelerated Decrepitude, or Rapid Economic Development at the Cost of Environmental and Societal Breakdown - short-sighted obsession with instant gratification
No. 3: Resource Dependencies, or Creating the Most Vulnerable Economy in the World - growth changes demands which are unsupportable without foreign countries
No. 4: A Growing Defensiveness, or When Soft Power Isn't Enough - significant dependence on unstable countries with little willingness to secure their interests militarily
No. 5: A Bottom-Up Democratization, or What Constitutes Political Authority When the Party's Over - victims of their own success as the power of the middle class increases and poses threats to the single party status quo

I've been to China a few times. My company has a plant there. I've been struck by what seems to be either trust or, maybe, a complete disinterest in the government. I also believe that globalization and the Internet will continue to be factors in the evolution of China.

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