Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coming out of the closet... politically.

This is why I have the blog... I don't feel comfortable discussing my politics with just anyone. I think it is part of my conservative nature that I don't want to be in anyone's face. This blog gives me an outlet and an on-line persona with which to play.

Quoting the letter that was quoted on the blog:
"I’ve just been watching the first series of Mad Men, and I’m struck by the gay guy Salvatore Romano, and how similar his behavior is to me, only I’m hiding my politics, not my sexuality. There are also the classic moments, whereby fellow believers in academia carefully try to work out if you are one of “us”. I remember one guy who heard me comment on how some architecture reminded me of something I read in The Fountainhead, which was enough to alert him. Later we went out for a drink. I remember the nervous moment (for both of us) where he finally came out and asked me, “so what are your political / economic beliefs?” I chickened out, tempered, and said, “well, perhaps more to the center than most academics” and countered, “what are yours?” Reassured, he was willing to admit to conservative leanings. Then I was willing to admit it too."
Maybe I am just more sensitive to it, but it seems that the liberals are more willing to start debates, make political statements on Facebook, and generally stir things up.

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