Friday, April 22, 2011

Brick Tablet

While I am thinking about becoming one of the cool kids, I am not following Uncle's lead on getting a tablet.

I was not tempted at all by the slightly cheaper, ad supported Kindle. I never thought $135 sounded like a lot in the first place - even for a single purpose device.

And despite some who believe it is killing America*, I ordered an iPad this week.

The wife wanted one for our daughter to play with on the way to the beach. I want to play with the Ham Radio apps. I'll be curious to see how much it replaces the laptop. I cannot imagine doing blog posts from it. I do see reading books, watching videos, and reviewing my ever growing RSS feed list. I will probably carry it to church - lots of people are already using their Blackberry and Android to read the Bible.

*From the article, a quote: "But there is no protection for jobs here in America to ensure that the American people are being put to work.” I must have skipped that section in the Constitution. (And apparently everything I see right now is through "Ayn Rand" colored glasses, because this sounds like it could be a line from the book.)

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