Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wouxun Mobile (KG-UV920R) - Vaporware?

I've been hoping for the release of Wouxun's KG-UV920R for some time now. Speculation was rampant that it would do for mobile radios what the KG-UVD1P did for HTs - a low price and lots of features.

Ed Griffin, from www.wouxun.us, recently posted this on a radio forum:
"No word on the mobile. But I will have a surprise at Dayton, and no it's not the mobile."
Ed Greany, another reseller who provides a lot of support to the Wouxun community, had this to say on the same forum:
"Personally, I'm REALLY tired of hearing about it. It's been over 6 months since it was leaked and there is absolutely NO word from China as to 1) IF it exists, 2) WHEN it will be released, 3) IF it will be Certified or 4) WHAT the price might be.

I stopped answering these inquiries. I suggested long ago that people STOP inquiring about it since that only drives the price up due to the spirited interest. High demand = High price. Some people just don't understand the evonomics of that principal.

Basically, all the U.S. dealers want it to come out and want to sell it. That's what we are in business for. None of us know any more information than you presently know right now. My most recent inquiry was "it is still in testing." Does that mean Wouxun's Test Lab or FCC Certification Lab or some highschool kid's chemistry lab. Nobody knows!

For now, pretend it was a dream and it really does not exist."
Makes me think I should start looking for alternatives for a dual band, dual receive, cross band repeating mobile rig.


  1. Yeah, I'll wait until the KG-UV920R is actually released. It's always nice reading the specs for any new radio when it's released, and reviews when someone has actualy tried it out, but the bottom line is "do I need a new radio?" and if I do, which one has the feature that I need, and of the ones that best meet my needs, which one has the most bang for the buck. The Wouxun KG-UVD1p is pretty good for the price. I'm sure that one or two generations down the road, their radios will be even better. If the new mobile (when it's released!) is as good the HT, and priced similary, it will be a hot seller. VE7...

  2. They definitely had me waiting on it, but I've changed my thinking now. I may buy a low-end mobile for the car - I was hoping for the KG-UV920R for the dual watch, but I sit on the 940 repeater here most of the time anyway. There is lots of activity, so I don't move around much.

  3. i am getting to believe that is radio is even real.
    They have showed and talked about this radio for over a year and nothing
    the KG-UV920R i believe is nothing
    like a ferry tail in a book.

    could not wate any more
    i bought me new yaesu radios

  4. reminds me of Yaesu... they promised the ft-207, even had a demo chained to the desk at the hamvention, by the time it was released, icom had the 2a on the street.

  5. this radio is just a load of egg foo young all over our face, and they are all laughing at all of us here in the states.