Monday, May 9, 2011

Baofeng UV-3R: Firmware

I e-mailed Vero Telecom and asked if the end user would be able to update the firmware on the Baofeng UV-3R. Good news - I received a very quick response. Bad news is that it sounds like you are stuck with whatever version was on the radio when you got it.
"Dear Brick,

Have a nice day ! Many thanks for your kindly email.

Unfortunately, now we can not provide the downloadable firmware updates, can not upgradeable by the user. If you want to upgrade the UV-3R radio, you must refund us the radio, and then our engineers will be do.

Any questions please kindly let us know.

Thanks and Best regards
Tina Van
VERO Global Communication Co.,LTD.-- Sales Dept.
3rd floor, No.3 Chongxiang St, Quanzhou, Fujian, P.R.C 362006
T: 86-595-2249 6660 | F: 86-595-8676 1912
I don't think this is the end of the world. It would have been one more selling point if people with older radios could have gotten the new features or fixes.


  1. hola me gustaria tener el Baofeng UV-3R: Firmware ya que tengo varios equipos con problemas de que no pudo introducir en el VFO los tonos de TX u RX

  2. Hi Larry,

    There is no way to update the firmware, but you can get the software.

    For the original:

    For the Mark II:

  3. This doesn't mean, however, that we can't try and hack it. :-) Unfortunately my radio won't be here for a coupla weeks, and then I'm gone for 3 wks. But first week in February, I'm going to start digging in.

    1. Like to get it Display Nanes instead of Frequencies for
      Memory Channels

  4. Have at it! Let me know if you make any great discoveries!

  5. Did you guys have any luck with the hacks? I have a uv 5r, and found that it transmits roughly 15 khz off, if there is a way to upgrade the firmware that would be great!!

    1. The firmware is not upgradable. They would have a real winner on their hands if it was. Lots of people would buy them just to tinker.

    2. Grotato,

      You're saying the TX is 15 khz off. Have you tried programming the TX frequency + or - by 15 khz and seeing what that does? Do you have a repeater in your area that allows you to do echo and deviation tests? On the repeater in our area the TX audio sounds ok but a bit low on the echo test. On the deviation test I get between 2.9 khz and 3.1 khz. I've tried the deviation test with several other ht's and they also fall in the same range.

    3. @Groto IF your TX is off there is a pot underneath the battery where the hole is that can fix that. Do not turn it too much and do it slowly. It only needs to be turned slightly to get it on frequency. For me if i turn it left then it moves up in frequency and turning right lowers it.

      It's best if you have an SDR dongle with a TCXO so you can visually see it on screen after you tweak it.

      I know this is an old comment but it may help someone who has the same problem with their uv5r.

  6. Grotato, 15khz of on the the transmit is pretty shocking. How did you measure? Are other people seeing similar?

  7. Hello, y dont think its the end off the world, it is a good excuse to buy an other one, hi

  8. I just ordered a UV-3R Mark ii and would like to know if there's a way to LIMIT the 2m and 70cm TX/RX frequencies to those only allowable in ITU Region 2.

    The reason is simple: I don't want to accidentally deviate above or below the allowed minimum or maximum frequencies in either band so that I run illegal.

  9. No problem: simply write these string in the setting.ini file: