Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baofeng UV-3R: A French Perspective

I took several years of French in high school and college, so I will take a shot at translating F5IYJ's quick review.
"BAOFENG UV-3R: a Y***u VX-3R for 38 of those European Dollars?

I found a small VHF/UHF transceiver (1.85" x 3.19" x 91" - the same measurements as the VX-3R), that delivers 2W, comes with VHF and UHF antennas (SMA adapter), a charger (French adapter) and base, belt clip, and strap [BRICK - process of elimination to get strap, since I know what is in the box] - see pictures.

For the price equal to a certain national brand will sell you a house [BRICK - that can't be right], I now have made several contacts on the local repeaters [BRICK - some guessing here].

It has 1750Hz and CDTSS/DCS which is indispensable for me because I am often in the US.

Briefly, for 38 Euros, a no brainer [BRICK - my wife said it was litteraly "no idea"]. The same Yaesu brand costs 200 Euroes with accessories here."

I checked my work on Google Translate. Yeah, "housse" is a bag. That was fun.


  1. Some comments about your translation. You was very close.
    I now publish more English posts on my blog. It will be easier to repost.

    Pour un prix auquel certains revendeurs nationaux vous vendent une housse, j’ai maintenant de quoi contacter les OM locaux lors de mes déplacements.
    For the price some local vendors will sell you a soft case, I got somethink which make me able to call local ham when I am travelling.

    Bref, pour 38 euros, rien à dire. Le même avec Y***u marqué dessus coûte 200 euros avec les accessoires livrés ici.
    Briefly, for 38 Euros, there is nothing wrong with. The same Y***u brand costs 200 Euros with accessoiries shipped here.

    73, Phil F5IYJ