Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baofeng UV-3R: Menu Options

As one reader has pointed out, my link to a Baofeng UV-3R manual is minimally useful. Here is the most current information I have on the list of menu options. Format is menu number, menu description, and settings. [UPDATE: I should have noted that older versions of the radio have fewer options.]
Menu # Name Description Options
1 RXCODE Receive Tone Off, CTCSS, DCS
2 TXCODE Transmit Tone Off, CTCSS, DCS
3 SQL Squelch 0-9
4 LIGHT LCD Illumination Off, On, Key
5 K TONE Keypad Beep Off, On
6 VOX VOX/Handsfree Off, 1-9
7 POWER RF Output Power High, Low
8 DW Dual Watch/UHF & VHF Off, On
9 STEP 12.5/25KHz
10 OFFSET 0-37.995, 0-69.995M
11 SHIFT 0,+,-
12 STE Squelch Tone Elimination Off, On
13 W/N Wide/Narrow
14 SAVE Battery Save
15 TOT Timeout Timer
16 SCANM Scan Memory
17 RELAYM Relay Message
18 BCLO Busy Channel Lock


  1. poorly there is not the step to 1Khz

  2. mine has a proirity channel watch which can be toggled in the menu. Channel itself can only be set in PC Software