Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baofeng UV-3R: Menu Options

As one reader has pointed out, my link to a Baofeng UV-3R manual is minimally useful. Here is the most current information I have on the list of menu options. Format is menu number, menu description, and settings. [UPDATE: I should have noted that older versions of the radio have fewer options.]
Menu # Name Description Options
1 RXCODE Receive Tone Off, CTCSS, DCS
2 TXCODE Transmit Tone Off, CTCSS, DCS
3 SQL Squelch 0-9
4 LIGHT LCD Illumination Off, On, Key
5 K TONE Keypad Beep Off, On
6 VOX VOX/Handsfree Off, 1-9
7 POWER RF Output Power High, Low
8 DW Dual Watch/UHF & VHF Off, On
9 STEP 12.5/25KHz
10 OFFSET 0-37.995, 0-69.995M
11 SHIFT 0,+,-
12 STE Squelch Tone Elimination Off, On
13 W/N Wide/Narrow
14 SAVE Battery Save
15 TOT Timeout Timer
16 SCANM Scan Memory
17 RELAYM Relay Message
18 BCLO Busy Channel Lock

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