Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baofeng UV-3R: Internals, Integrated Circuits

Fabrice, F4AVI, of France, was kind enough to share some pictures of the internal components of the UV-3R on the Yahoo Group. In addition, he's researched the chips. I've added the links and please note I had to guess about which version of RDA5802 is used.
"I have the old version, with 12 menu items and NO 1750Hz. I decided to open the rig, just to see inside.

I found the main CHIP is a RDA1846 which is an entirely integrated IC for portable radio. It's a true totally digital radio, with DSP inside for both receiving and transmitting.

The FM band IC, is a RDA 5802, similar to RDA 1846, but only for FM receiving.

There is a serial EEPROM 24C16 too, and I think I will try to read his content just to see if i can find something interesting.

The main processor is under the LCD display, but I didn't want to unmount it, as I'm scared for malfunction of the display after that."
For the rest of the pictures, sign up for the UV-3R Yahoo Group. It is a great resource for this rig.


  1. I like the fact that the radio can be OFF, and led flashlight still works.

  2. i loved my uv-3r then i did something really stupid i was offerd a mk2 ;) wasnt till i got home and really tried it that i noticed vhf is very low on power uhf is fine a friend 200yrds away get signal1 off me he used to get 60 over ??? ist here away to sort this or should i chalk it off to stupidity

  3. I have uv-3r and I will never buy anything marked "Baofeng" ever, never, ever again.

    PS. If you have too much money buy container full of UV-5 DMR..
    you can only use it as analog FM-radio.. piece of B**feng.

  4. These baofeng ain't bad. With keyboard and replacing the mpu with wires you can program just fine. Mpu sucks energy and interfers with the broadcasts but allows outsider to program the mpu to voice type you and also locate you using the 32MHz oscillator. But in general as good as whats available since they've been stealing voice types for years without paying people. But at least these have schematic and are easy to get to work properly.