Saturday, May 7, 2011

KG-UV Commander 0.1.1 Beta

Jim, KC8UNJ, announced that a new version of the KG-UV Commander (0.1.1 Beta) is now availbale for download from his web site. Original post here.

He lists the changes:
- Fixed crash when using TAB key on Config/VFO/FM tabs
- Fixed crash when deleting RX frequency
- Fixed crash when deleting VFO frequency
- Fixed crash when pasting blank line over blank TX frequency
- Fixed CSV import crash bug where it didn't properly handle blank TX field
- Fixed CSV import when CSV file contains no line feeds
- CSV import no longer requires placeholders for all fields
- CSV import now converts imported fields to uppercase characters
- Updated TPE import based on provided files
- Tweak for cut-off line on some printers in Landscape mode
- Fixed bug where mouse scroll wheel did not scroll to channel 1
- Fixed bug where multi-select didn't work for Cut operations
- Changed communication to continue if radio responds to HiWouxun with ID
- Workaround to try and get writing to work without error in WINE
- Small tweaks to communication

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