Sunday, May 29, 2011

WB4GBI 147.075 Repeater is Up

I posted earlier that the 147.075 repeater was down. As of Wednesday, Tim had it back up and running after replacing a power amplifier.

He also reminds everyone that the 147.075 has an autopatch to allow hams to make phone calls via the repeater. Here are his instructions for using the autopatch:
  • Key your mic and identify yourself, with your intentions to use the autopatch... Such as: "This is WX4ABC accessing the Autopatch..."
  • With the mic still keyed, and using your DTMF buttons... enter the (*) key.. followed by the 7-digit phone number. (No Long Distance numbers will be accepted)
  • Release the mic key... and listen. If the autopatch is accessed correctly, it will repeat back to you "Accessing Autopatch..." (followed by the number you just dialed)
  • You will then hear a series of beeps... while the machine dials your number. In a few moments, you will hear the phone ringing... then your party will answer.
  • Note: Be sure to tell them they are on an autopatch, so they will know the conversation is being transmitted!
  • Carry on your conversation as normal - releasing your mic to hear the other party's responses.
  • (Note: There is a 4-minute limit to each autopatch session!)
  • To hang up... simply key your mic, and press the (#) key -then release.
  • The Autopatch will hang up the phone, then ID itself... give the time... then ask you to "Please Identify..."
  • Give your callsign to let everyone know that you have finished using the autopatch, and have returned the repeater to normal use.

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