Thursday, May 5, 2011

We know who you are... and what moves you to act.

We know who you are...
When I read about the new features that are browser specific, I again think of how easy it is to differentiate computers using unique markers from various sources (network cards, browser version, ip address, plugins, etc.) There are no secrets on the internet.

And what moves you to act...
Targeted advertising, much like the ads on this humble blog, have evolved to the point that they do a fairly good job of predicting what you might buy. However, marketing technologists are not satisfied - they want to appeal to you using the technique that is most likely to persuade you. So, they've figured out that you would want to buy a BMW X6. Now they are going to show you an ad that has a German engineer describing all the advanced features of the X6 - if you are persuaded by expertise. If you think it will help you pick up chicks, then the ad might feature Pippa driving one.

Of course, business isn't the only one to have an opinion on the matter..
I am not just a number! At least the courts don't think you can equate an individual to an ip address.

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