Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baofeng UV-3R: Disassembly 2

Long time readers (since June 1) may recall that I tried to disassemble the UV-3R, but got stuck because the antenna connector was soldered to the circuit board. I'd read instructions on the UV-3R Yahoo Group, people had posted comments on the blog and the Youtube video,etc. but it wasn't until a Youtube comment by r0b0b4ss pointed me to OM1LD's Loud Receive Audio Fix that the light bulb finally came on. His post to fix the loud audio included instructions for taking the radio apart and included this picture.

It seems so obvious now. Another example of how to make something a lot harder than it should be. Now I need some time to take this thing apart again!


  1. Interesting comment on the UV-3R:

  2. I saw that... There was a long discussion about this issue on the Yahoo Group.


    My takeaways... and I am oversimplifying the long, deep discussion...
    1. Many confirmed an issue existed, but there were several opinions as to the severity of the issue.
    2. Even if the radio doesn't meet the letter of the law (§97.307), the real world impact of the harmonic should be negligible.
    3. If using the single band antenna, the radiated signal should be even less than what was generated by the radio and measured by a meter.
    4. There is a mod that eliminates the issue and improves performance, so I may try that.