Monday, June 20, 2011


Kenivore found "another UV-3R clone with more button[s]". At first glance, they look more like the Yaesu VX-3R than the Baofeng UV-3R, because of the extra buttons. The specs for the NC-5H and UV-5H are identical and very similar to the UV-3R. I did a quick search on eBay and could not find any for sale. A search on Alibaba has them for sale for $60 from New Century Communication and Electronics Co., Ltd. The company website is here.

In fact, the physical layout of the buttons on the KYD models is identical to the Yaesu VX-3R. For example, the power button is on the side like the VX-3R, but different from the UV-3R. Most reviewers are pleased with simplicity of the UV-3R menus using the limited buttons and knob to do the programming. Looking at the picture, it appears some of the menu items have gotten a dedicated menu in this radio. For example, STEP (MENU 9 on the UV-3R) has its own button. It does not appear to have a flashlight, but does have an inner and outer knob. Also, the web pages say they will support the channel naming via a programmable alpha-numeric display. The NC-5H does not explicitly say that it is a dual band, but the specs have both 2M and 440 listed.


  1. No obvious band change button?

  2. I wonder what the "RADIO" button does - perhaps switch between bands? Pure speculation here.

    1. The new litter of Chinese HT is built around the single chip RDA1846 transceiver. This chip has a built in function to receive broadcast FM channels (e.g. commercial bands, not amateur bands). "Radio".

  3. Band 2 (FM broadcast) switch?

    Sorry I should have added my name before...

    73 Dave M5TXJ

  4. I'm sure someone will put their hands on one soon and we'll find out.

    No worries.


  5. I wonder if "BBEP" was supposed to be "BEEP"? I know these things happen. Case design is almost identical to a redesigned UV-3R.


  6. BEEP isn't a bad guess. There is a new case design for the UV-3R? If you've got a link to any info, I'd be very interested.


  7. The chip (RDA1846) on which the BAOFENG UV-3R is based supports analog volume. Besides the UV-3R have the Puxing PX-2R that is based on the predecessor of this chip(RDA1845) which is UHF only. The PX2R has also an inner and outer rotating knob; the outer is a selector and the inner is the on/off and analog volume knob. I like the PX-2R for it's analog volume setting and alpha tagging.I'm waiting for some publication of experience with the UV-5H.

    1. Anyone interested in purchasing KYD UV-5H radios !

    2. Looks like the log overdue model is available. Clone of UV-3r by Baofeng and the TYT UV-3R. While it claims 3 watts it's time may have come and gone to the competition.

      73, Steve

  8. I bought a similar HT at a radio rally in Belgium.
    It was for sale at 40 Euro.

    Buttons are at the same position but having different features:
    MENU = A/B (in yellow)
    STEP = F.V/U
    FUNC button, the word FUNC is in red.

    On the lower part it's written: VHF/UHF FM TRANSCEIVER UV5H

    Serial number is just figures, 8 digits, 102547XX

    The label inside:

    Model: UV5H
    Power Output: <2W
    Working Voltage: 3.7(DC)
    Freq: 144-146MHZ
    China New Century (Quanzhou) Communication Electronics Co.LTD

    I've NOT found a software compatible with such equipment, I tried almost everything available at KYD Website plus all the Baofeng software found by a Google search.
    Any suggestion on how to program this handheld will be appreciated.


    1. You might see if CHIRP would read it. Be careful trying to write to it!