Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baofeng UV-3R: US Re-seller - NH7QH Radio Supplies, LLC.

Well, I was wrong about who would be the first US re-seller. But we do have NH7QH Radio Supplies, LLC. that looks to be filling that void. The web site is sparse - and reminds me of the original (I guess Hawaii counts as a US re-seller.)


  1. I have made numerous purchases from Chris NH7QH over the past year and have not been disappointed.

    I bought my BAOFENG UV-3R from Chris and shipping from Hawaii to Florida was inexpensive and took only 5 days! The model radio I received was the latest version and prgrammed with both Baofeng & CHIRP software. Was able to move my Wouxun's 50+ channels over to the Baofeng after a little practice & of course reading instructions... HiHi!
    Larry KS4NB 8/6/11

  2. Larry,
    Thanks for the note. It is good to hear about someone's experience with Chris.

  3. Thanks, Larry
    Yes the website is sparse, I am working new site. But it is way out of my scope. But my real job keeps working late nights. I will be bringing in the color units soon with the exception of yellow not passing QA.

  4. Chris - say it ain't so! I've been waiting for the yellow!

  5. Well I am going have new site for ordering

    Also we have all 4 color on order yes yellow is in order. Also have USB cables, antennas, battery, serial cable, chargers.