Sunday, July 10, 2011


I know I am special - just like everyone else. But this post from the Simple Dollar mailbag got my britches in a bunch. Would I like to get rich blogging? Sure, but I'd like to become rich from winning the lottery, too. I figure my chances at becoming rich from blogging are about the same as winning the Powerball. My blog is less than a year-old, so I am really pleased that anyone reads my posts. I have seen modest increases month-over-month, but at this rate, I will be retired before it would make money. Back to the mailbag and my answers...
"Q2: Starting a blog
I have a great idea for a blog, one that no one at all is doing and i am in the process or being or trying to be an expert on this such topic.
I would be very surprised if someone wasn't already doing it. If no one is doing it then you may have such a niche that you couldn't expect to make enough money from this endeavor to replace your day job. Also, you might want to work on your grammar and proof-reading.
Problem is, time, i don’t have any or enough to do it. I went out and bought a website all gung ho to do it, and never got around to it.
I suggest a time-machine.
I was able to get a refund from the web-company for the service but not for the domain name. Which i believe i technically still own for a year, since i did pay for it.
Yes, you own the name until the term expires.
My question to you is, is there a way i can start up a blog that wont cost me anything or much at all, and then maybe one day move it all over to my own site.
Yes, a quick search should reveal that Blogger, Wordpress, and others are popular services.
Also, is there ways to make money blogging when your on or using a free blog site?
Yes, a quick search should reveal that many of the free services allow you to run ads.
I’m an IT professional and have been for 17 years so i know all the tech speak.
You are a what? And you can't come up with some of these answers on your own?
I’d really love to get out of this field and into a full time job of blogging such as you do. Its just really hard to find the time.
Assuming you were 18 when you started working, then you are 35 now. That makes you too old, I would have thought, to be part of the entitlement generation. Life is hard. There aren't enough hours in the day. Time to put in some effort if you want to make something happen.
Did you start out on a free blog spot?"
- Dennis
Funny choice of words - "free blog spot" considering you were asking if free services existed.

Enough venting from me... grumpy mode off. Back to the normal grind.

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