Wednesday, July 6, 2011

KYD NC-5H, KYD UV-5H: Availibility

Steve (K8SAR) e-mailed KYD about the availability of the UV-5H and was told it would be out at the end of July:
"The UV-5H will be ready at the end of this month. Once the goods is ready, you will be informed.
If you have any requirements for this item then, you could contact with me directly.

Hope to have a nice cooperation with you SOON.

Best regards,

Vicky Huang"
I will give the Chinese manufacturers credit. They are very good at responding to e-mails. I have always gotten a quick response from Vero Telecom - usually withing 12 business hours. That's especially good considering the time difference.

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  1. has anyone heard anything more about availability for these radios?