Thursday, August 18, 2011

Google Android Ham Radio: The Golf Oscar Oscar Golf One Echo

A fun exercise... what if Google made a ham radio? It is like when I dream about winning the lottery. The G00G1E? I'm sure it would be better than the dual-band P-A-968 Cell Phone. In the Baofeng UV-3R, we've seen that basically a decent SDR can be crammed into a small package. Apple is probably the best at developing the slickest form factor. (Heck, they are even suggesting that we should cut our plugs in half to help slim down our devices. Maybe that would save room for a better antenna.) But, if anyone could pull something wild like this off, it would be Google. All it takes is a couple of Googlers that are hams to take a crazy notion and who knows what could happen. They are all millionaires and could spend a few bucks on a pet project. ;)

I like Rich's suggestions for several features: DSP filtering, CTCSS, APRS, Echolink, and a D-Star alternative codec.

I say bring on PSK31 and a waterfall!

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