Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ed of Wouxun.us responds to this thread about the "as of yet missing in action" KG-UV920R mobile rig from Wouxun:
"If it was a hoax, it was a nice looking one that weighed about 3 pounds. Last October, I held it in my grubby little hands, turned its knobs, took its picture, even tried to sneak it into my bag, so it did exist. I have my theory as to why it hasn't made it to market but I'll keep that to myself. If it's at the show this October, I'll let you know.

Pictures added to the Photos section.



Below is one of the pics he posted. (Join the Yahoo Group if you want to see the other one.) I think the mobile rig will appear. I am guessing that they have run into some technical challenges, supply chain issues, cost problems, or all of the above that has delayed its arrival. Even if it never shows up, I would not assume it was because the KG-UV920R was a hoax. I think Hanlon's Razor applies.

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