Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baofeng UV-3R: Is the UV-X4 the Mark II?

I got an e-mail from Vero Telecom announcing the UV-X4. The image shows the dual display and dual band antenna. Also, it shows the new FCC number.

Dear Our valued customer,
Good dayUV-X4 has approved CE,FCC  and ROHS certifications:

Want To More Detail About UV-X4,Please Download the Brochure of UV-X4:


Thanks and best regards!


 3 floor,No.3 Chongxiang St,Quanzhou,Fujian,P.R.C 362006
 T: 86-595-22496660 | F: 86-595-86761912 | M: 86-159 6055 9990


  1. FCC ID looks the same as the private-label MTC UV-3R from the nice folks in Texas.

    The more important question is whether the fixable issues (audio volume, harmonic suppression) observed in the UV-3R have been addressed in the new model.

    Jury's still out, but we will know shortly...

  2. no, still chinese junk

    1. I'm looking at these since don't have 500 bucks for a new VX-8. Thank you for letting me know it sucks not to be as rich as you, so please share your abundance of wealth with the rest of us. I figure you can afford to send $500 to me so I can buy a radio you feel is "worthy."

    2. Still, this junk is officially not allowed to sell in decent countries, for disrespecting relevant RF regulation. I think authorities are just too slow to prevent this. :-) So, I bought one...

  3. for 60 bucks if it works OK it makes a great banger radio

  4. High quality? No. Perfect? No. A great value? Absolutely.

  5. Hey. brick. Have you found a way to enable writing a name instead of frequency using the programming software?

    I am the station voice guy on WATE-TV there in it often..keep me employed


    Jeff - KB4RIZ

    1. Jeff - thanks for stopping by... always good to hear from Knox Vegas folks. Sounds like a cool gig at WATE! I'll listen for you!

      I think the alpha display is still limited in the firmware, so no go on viewing the names on the radio. The best you can do is keep the names in the software as a friendly label, but it doesn't help you when you are actually using the radio.

      Maybe in the Mark III? I don't know if there is going to be a Mark III, but I can't imagine there won't be given the success of the other models.

    2. Hello Jeff,
      Rick Henry WB4TTO (friend of Rick Cruse) here.
      Don't know if you remember me, Cruse and I were in the WSB FM studio with you on 7/1/1995 when the news came down the wire that Wolfman Jack had died.
      I live in Buncombe County now, are you still in Macon County?
      If so, are you active on any of the 2 meter or 440 machines around there?

      My email is

  6. The UV-X4 is also available as: the Intek KT-950EE, i guess there are only physical differences,(push knobs shape) and i guess it's UV-3R markII, don't buy this thingy, the fm radio broadcast feature died soon after using it.

  7. this is the same as the UV-3 a $27 radio i have a few , since they are so good , also works with the VX-3 battery or a NOKIA battery . super small i recommend on all these radios changing the antenna for a Diamond Ant .