Monday, September 12, 2011

Baofeng UV-3R: Mark II

The internet is all a twitter with news that there is a new version of the UV-3R - the Mark II.

No one knows yet, but speculation abounds that the loud volume and other issues may have been fixed. Also, perhaps this version will work with a speaker-mic. The only certainties are the new dual frequency display and a dual-band antenna.

One of the VeroTelecom sites has been updated to mention a dual display version. FleetwoodDP has them on their site with the new info as well.

Andy posted on the UV-3R Yahoo Group with some additional info:
"Got an email today from 409 shop. I asked about whether the Mark 2 is able to do dual receive FROM the memories (Mk1 cannot, you have to dual watch in VFO mode only). Apparently you can (hooray). The cycle between the frequencies is apparently every 5 seconds. Also you can do VV/UU/UV modes too. The Mark 1 cannot, it can only switch between a VHF and a UHF frequency."
I'm disappointed to see a new Yahoo Group for the UV-3R Mark II. I'd be surprised if they are so different that it is worth a new group.

I'll post more as people start getting their hands on the Mark II.


  1. Very hard to find detail about this new "MarkII". The yahoo group members keep all secret and is hard to get inside, my request to join the group was rejected.
    I would like to buy one of Baofeng UV3R and I dont know wich one of those to choose. :(

  2. I ordered one from 888, waiting for it. It was difficult to order. They are trying to dump their current inventory of UV3R's which nobody wants now. I had to fight them. They said they'd shipped it, I said I'd receved no information about the shipment, and I'd like my order changed. But I forgot to cancel my single-antenna, and it seems the Mark II requires only one antenna. Boo yah, that's great, but radio shop 888 has been a pain in the ass about it.

  3. I find that when ordering from overseas, it works out great or is a huge mess. Not much gray.

  4. I ordered from RadioShop 888 with no trouble at all..
    Got the radio in about 10 days, works nice. Very happy.

  5. I just got a Baofeng Mark II as well. I regret not buying the USB programming cable/software at the same time, as programming in my local repeaters is requiring an awful lot of dial spinning!

    I haven't tried the original one out but I am curious to see if the price drops significantly. I'd get all four colors if it comes down low enough. Alas, the Mark II only seems to come in black...

    My only complaint is that it looks like the non-backlit button markings will wear off --- but then again, my VX-2R's backlit buttons are all smeared and worn off too! My solution is to periodically write "V/M", etc, back on with a fine point Sharpie. :P

  6. @VXO Where would be be without Sharpies and duct tape?!?!

    The cable is nice - especially with multiple radios and/or using with CHIRP.

  7. I just got my Mark II in today, and I am using the cable and software to program. I also have an older mark I model. The only issue I have is with the dual mode. The top frquency can be set to whatever repeater you want. The bottom can be set to VFO mode, boes does does not scroll through the repeaters when you turn the knob, all it does is change the recieve frequency...hmm. The volume issue seems to be fixed though. 73's

  8. Glad to hear the volume issue is fixed.

  9. Just ordered my baofeng mark 2 yesterday. Can't wait to see it in comparison to my Wouxun uvd1p. Hope it doesn't actually take 20 days to get to the Midwest.

  10. hey i have orderd 1 an wanting to add a wee box for the speaker/mic to plug in to for bleeps/echo ;0

  11. I love the UV-3r Mark II. It fits in a pocket or my wife's purse and you have a radio with you at all times.
    I just bought 2 more from a new Ebay seller in china that said he had 3 day FREE shipping to USA. ($95.00 for 2)
    I bought and paid late evening of Dec. 19. The 2 radios got to my home in OREGON on the 21rst!

    this is the Ebay seller,

    1. this is the Ebay seller,

      thats who i ordered mine from sunday, havent got yet hopefully it will be here tomorrow

  12. I ordered mine from NH7QH Radio Supply LLC in HI. Waiting for it to get here and was told that it would be sent priority mial so hope i won't wait long. Also, included was programing cable and software as well as the shipping for $60.. looked like a good day..

  13. @Anonymous - I've heard good things about NH7QH, but I've not ordered a radio from him. Let us know how long it takes to arrive.

  14. I have two of these radios now, and I ordered my buddy one too. My second order included a programming cable - MUCH easier to program them up that way! Mine came from 409shop. 10-14 days seems to be about the shipping time to Columbus, OH. The items don't always arrive the same day.

    The volume on my radios is still loud on the low setting. I haven't ever used a Mark I version so I don't have anything to compare it to, just that it is NOT very quiet. The earphone helps out, but the built in speaker or a speaker mic are both loud on the low volume setting.

    Steve, KC8QVO

  15. i have a mark una and have just bought a mark 2,as for the volume i am a bit mut suits me fine.
    my friends said it sounds like any of the top 3 not bad for 27.00 uk£
    jeffrey ..2E0GLU --- GLUE

  16. Can this model use alpha tags for channels or no?

  17. Yes but you can only input the Alpha tags via the P.C cable.


  18. Hello, I saw online that Baofeng has a 220 ssb model only available in europe, but I cannot find it now. does anyone know the model number.

    It is advertised as being a scrambled radio, but is actually a ssb radio only

    The power pack has a european style plug on the 220 side