Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pajamas Media » Iran and the EMP Threat

Slim sent me the following link on Monday. He likes for me to start the week on a cheery note.

Pajamas Media » Iran and the EMP Threat:
"This will be the result of an electromagnetic pulse attack over the atmosphere of the United States. In less than a billionth of a second, the electrical intensity on Earth becomes so hot that microchips fry, power lines overload, and the electrical grid collapses. Everything with microelectronics in it fails.
Within days, tens of millions of Americans will need to leave their homes looking for water and food. Within five to 10 days, due to water pollution and sanitation issues, many will fall ill — people across America will face starvation, disease, and death. In just one year after the attack, up to two-thirds of the American population will cease to exist."


  1. Haven't you heard that "In every Millennium, a little civilization must fall"?

    What really is sad is that some of this "infrastructure spending" we have all been hearing about would be well spent in beefing up our electrical grid. Not just for an EMP pulse (I still hope this is a LONG shot), but beacuse our grid is already past due for an overhaul.

    Instead the money will go to the chosen unions, the "right" corporations, the DNC, and countries that want to launch this very weapon.

    Keep building the bunker...slim

  2. You are the bunker guy. I'm working on Comms.