Thursday, October 20, 2011

LYTRO - Light Field Camera

So there is a new kind of camera on the block. The LYTRO camera uses Light Field technology to take pictures. This tech captures light information which allows the picture to be "refocused" after the picture is taken. An example is worth a thousand words (click on the photo to change the focus):

The camera must be simple to operate - there aren't a thousand menus settings accessible via a dial and half a dozen buttons. Controls include a power button, a shutter button, a zoom slider, and the touchscreen. That's it. Check out the full specs here.

Maybe this is what I need to keep up with Oleg, Les, and Linoge. Realisticly, this won't make my must have list (especially since they start at $399), but I really, really like to see cool new ways of doing things we've been doing for years. It could be like the Apple Newton that eventually evolved into a pretty cool product - the name escapes me right now.

Lytro: A True Point-and-Shoot Camera


  1. About to put up a post of my own about it... But, regardless, remember that is not the hardware that makes a good photographer (or good shooter, or good anything else) :).

  2. A poor craftsman who blames his tools, huh? I'm doomed then. I keep coming up with more hobbies and less time to become good at anything. Jack of all trades and a master of none!