Wednesday, November 30, 2011

KG-UV920R: Forever

I cannot find the message anymore, so I am guessing it got deleted from the thread, but I thought this was a pretty funny comparison:
This radio is going to end up being the "Duke Nukem Forever" of radios.
Most of you will have no idea what that means. There was a computer game
released in 1996 called "Duke Nukem 3D". The sequel to that was suppose to
be "Duke Nukem Forever". There are screenshots and videos of development
versions of that game going back to 1997. It was released this year after
the original development studio ran out of funds to continue development.
As the years went out, they added more and more things that other games had
come out with. Mostly graphics technology. All due to the main guy in
charge going on a perfection bender.
Maybe this radio won't be just like that. But it is very much past due and
that's reminding me of the game. The "Forever" in the title was a joke for
more than a decade. When it finally did come out? Complete junk. I wouldn't
play it unless they paid *me*.
Keisha also makes an appearance to assure us that the radio is real.

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