Tuesday, November 8, 2011

KG-UV920R: The Latest

So the Wouxun web page at Andrews Communications Systems in Australia has everyone stirred up again because of these lines:
"Due Jan/Feb., 2012"
"Compare to TM-D710A!"
"Lee operated a sample KG-UV920R at the October, 2011, Hong Kong fair. Yes, this transceiver does exist, hi!"
So Ed laid hands on one a few months ago and now Lee has, too.

The next tidbit is that we should compare it to the Kenwood D710A, so others began speculating about APRS or packet modes.

As Andy Griffith said, "don't over expect". No APRS and no packet with the
920R. The radio is supposed to be finished in December. Don't look to purchase
one that's certified until February or March from what I was told.
I think I am repeating myself, but time will tell.

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