Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What rig for my wife's car?

Matt (W1MST) of AmateurRadio.com did me a favor and posed a question about what rig to put in my wife's car. Here is what I asked:
"I'd like to add a 2M mobile rig in my wife's car. Sounds simple enough, but the trick is that I need something that is as small as possible and will have a really neat installation. I'd prefer to have a mobile rig that I can wire in (power and an antenna) and see the display (versus cobbling together something with an HT). A detachable  faceplate/remote would be fine. I want 2M to hit the repeaters - any other bands or advanced features would be a bonus, but not required. The car is a 7 year-old Audi A4 and there is very little room in the footwells. It does have a neat feature - a drawer under each of the front seats. So what's small and installs such that it will score well on the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) scale?"
If you have some thoughts, please hop on over to AmateurRadio.com and join the discussion. Thanks!

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