Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No Silence Silenced

I had a friend that was laid off yesterday, but I didn't know that Michael Silence was in the group, too. I liked his stuff. I hope he pops back on-line soon. After 29 years and 11 months:

A programming note
Michael Silence asked the online staff to post this message on No Silence Here on his behalf.
As you may know, I got laid off yesterday along with 32 others. That sucks, but it is the reality of our business. I will miss my colleagues, a great bunch of people who I got to hang around with for 29 years and 11 months.
This blog, started in August 2004, has been a blast, and thanks for constantly opening my eyes to new perspectives. I'm told it will cease to exist. It has been the most rewarding aspect of my time here. I've been honored to sit on the front porch of the 21st Century.
As I've said for many years of those who have left the online world, "They'll be back. They always come back."
Stay well my friends, and no worries

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