Friday, January 13, 2012

Everything You Need to Be a Ham

Paul, AE5JU, posts his list of everything you need to know to get your ticket:

Go to this site:

And on the left side you will see links to Classroom Presentations (in
PowerPoint) for Tech and General, as well as links to practice exams for Tech,
General, and Extra class. If you don't have PowerPoint, there is a link for a
free PowerPoint Viewer.

In each of those two links you will find both the separate chapters, as well as
a zip file containing all of the chapters.

Here is another site with classes:

There are also courses of study that may be subscribed to at:

(NOTE- When you print out these guides, yes, print them... take a Magic Marker and black out all the wrong answers. This way you study only the correct answers and everything else looks unfamiliar. Seriously, print, black out, study. Just take my word for it and do it.)

Study Guides - right click on these links and Save As:



Practice Tests:

Testing Locations
(Search by State)
(Search by State, Country, or Zip Code)

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