Monday, January 16, 2012


I wish I was smarter... with all the inexpensive hardware available now (Kinect, Arduino, Rasberry Pi, etc.) you could build anything you could dream up.


  1. An Arduino is the perfect place to learn how to you seem intent on doing this year ;)

    Check out SparkFun's ProtoSnap (and the Getting Started Guide) as a quick way to get going with micro controllers without soldering. It's the price of a UV-3R and you can remove the training wheels when you're ready.

    There are lots of cool projects out there relating to HAM radio. Google arduino morse, arduino APRS, etc.

    I've got a couple projects in the works with the Baofeng (Perfect for prototyping) and a Pro Mini. I'll keep you posted.

    1. The ProtoSnap does look like a cool project board. I really think I could offset the lack of knowledge if I just had more time. If I won the lottery, I don't think my spending would change a whole lot, but how I spent my time would!