Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I try to avoid doing intentionally stupid things. I fight back when others try to rope me in. Case in point, I asked one of our service providers to send me a copy of their SAS70/SSAE-16 report for my auditors. When the report was ready, they asked me for the shipping address of the CFO of my company. Their auditors, who prepared the report, required that it only be sent to the CFO.

Really? In a completely pathetic attempt to protect their intellectual property, they want to ship the document to someone who a) doesn't even know anything about the service provider and b) will just send it on to me anyway. Reality check, aisle one.

After sending an e-mail to the COO of the service provider, they decided it would be okay to send the report directly to me.

I have several more examples of similar stupid audit rules and requests. I hope others are pushing back. Auditors aren't magical. Heck, their entire industry is built on GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). Generally accepted? That sounds cut and dried to me.

Lets stop being stupid and start being productive.

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