Friday, February 24, 2012

Baofeng UV-5R: Menu Options and Language

Interesting comments from Ed via the Wouxun Yahoo Group about the UV-5R:
"This radio appears to be a replica of an HT that TYT is preparing to market. TYT is testing it now. The only visible difference is that the TYT does not have a flashlight (at least at this time it doesn't).
This radio has 43 menu options, but beware of buying one of these unless you speak Chinese. The ones for sale in Guangzhou only speak Chinese and they say English versions are not available yet. So inquire what language it speaks before ordering."
The 409Shop product page does list the manual as being in English. As with many new products, earlier adopters may be in for a quirks.


  1. O dear...
    We have to wait then.
    73e Ben - PA2OLD

  2. Hi every body, I am interested. Plz I wish to have one for my self. Kindly inform how to order? What wiill be cost one in indian-rupee? De VU2VIZ

    1. I would suggest checking eBay or My best guess is that it would cost about 3,000 INR.