Thursday, February 23, 2012

Now I Am Confused

A TYT TH-UV3R... if they could have just thrown a little Wouxun in there, we would have had a trifecta.


  1. Very nice display also!
    Not available at the 409Shop (yet).
    73e Ben - PA2OLD

  2. I posted the link to the TH-UV3R listing. I haven't been able to track anything else down on this radio.

    However, I did find something interesting while trolling Google image search.

    The TYT TH-3R Plus.

    This radio is for the 245 Mhz Thai CB band, thus the red case. Other than the display, color, and band, it looks exactly like the TH-UV3R.

    The images of the back are interesting as well. It looks very similar to the battery cover of the Baofeng UV3R. Although the sides of the radio are curved compared to the UV3R's squareness. So I don't think the Yaesu AA case would work with it.

    Of course they may be going with a UV3R Plus style battery pack and not the battery door of the UV3R and TH-3R Plus.

    1. The variety of radios amazes me. I've only been a ham for a short time. After listening to others and seeing the relatively few models that ICOM, Yaesu, etc put out, I could see how one could become familiar with most of the ham radios. With the Chinese radios coming so fast and furious, it may be a game changer. Ten-Tec may be doing radios in 10-20 years as the original founders leave. Yaesu has spun off the amateur side of the business. In a few years, will we have a market dominated by the Chinese rigs?