Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All Your Device Are Belong to Us

There isn't a ton of technical details to be had in the presentation, but it seems too easy for all of these devices to be hacked/disrupted. I agree that a better user interface on the P25 radio might solve the encryption problem, but I still think people will be one of the weakest links.


(All Your Device Are Belong to US is a reference to this.)

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  1. The Matt Blaze presentation exposed more than user interface issues with P25. What I remember from the paper was that when the channel was jammed, the users were not sure what was happening and as a result, assumed that there was a problem with the encryption, disabled encryption and kept it off. That was the scary part.

    To be fair, this was not a flaw in the P25 protocol; rather, it was a limitation that the data and control channels were limited to a single 12.5kHz sliver of radio spectrum. The Blaze presentation also addressed this fact.