Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vero VR-2200

I got this e-mail from Vero Telecom and others have asked me about the VR-2200, but I don't really know anything about it. Anyone?

"Dear valued customer,Many thanks for your continuous attention!Now, we would like to show you our new products in this year! These products with best value,powerful functions and excellent performance. We have confidence that they will come to be the hottest sellings in current market!

Need offer? Contact us! Need quantity and accessories? We have them in stock!Click here to learn more information about them!"


  1. I missed that one...
    Is there already a price known?

  2. The outside appearance looks identical to the Anytone AT-588. Here's a listing from eBay:

    More pics of the AT-588:!

    1. I wonder if it is like the UV-5R and the TYT TH-F8 that look the same, but are truly different. The eBay auction is for about $270 USD. I think I would stick with a Yaesu/Icom/Kenwood for that money.

      Thanks for the links/info.

  3. Direct link to this radio:

    I think that $ 270,- USD is way to expensive!
    The Wouxun KG-UV920R has a expected price of € 129,- (Euro) in the Netherlands.

  4. I found a other version of the radio.
    It is a single-band radio, 2 meters or 70 cm.
    The price in the Netherlands is extremely low,
    just 139,00 Euro.

    - Freq 430-440 400-490.
    - Power output 45W (switchable 20 W/10 W) .
    -Channel steps 5 kHz/ 6,25 kHz/ 8,33kHz/ 10 kHz/ 12,5kHz/ 15 kHz/ 20kHz/ 25kHz/ 50 kHz .
    - Memory channels 200 alpha-numeric with tags + one home channel .
    - CTCSS/ DCS .
    - DTMF Encoder and Decoder .
    - ANI Function .
    - 5-tone selective call .
    - Speech compander for optimum suppression of background noise (can be switched off) .
    - Repeater shift free programmable .
    - Call 1750 Hz, 1000 Hz, 1450 Hz, 2100 Hz free programmable .
    - DTMF microphone with remote function .
    - Theft alarm function .
    - Brightness display backlight to be adjusted (2 steps) .
    - Display modes switchable: frequency only, frequency + channel or channel only .
    - Channel only modes for commercial applications .
    - Cloning function with interface cable .
    - Speech (English) .
    - Dimensions: W145 x H47 x D190 mm .
    - Weight: 1,2 kg .
    - Antenna connector: SO 239 (PL female) .

    See at:

    1. It is amazing the variation out there. Thanks for the info.