Monday, April 9, 2012

Baofeng UV-5R: Version Info

M makes an educated guess that the information displayed when holding various keys down during power on is a version/firmware revision:

If you switch the radio on while holding hold down the "3 key" the radio shouldbriefly display "VER BFB230" which I suspect is either the model number of majorfirmware version.
If you switch on the radio while holding down the "6 key" the radio shouldbriefly display the firmware revision number, and what looks like a firmwarebuild ID. For example mine displays "1203101 VER-05"

Mine is "VER BFB230" and "1201002 0000002". I ordered mine the night they became available on the 409Shop, so I may have a very early collector's edition.


  1. Got mine yesterday after a short delay because 409Shop was out of stock at the time of the order. So the rig is compleatly frech from the factory.
    Mine shows "VER BFB231" and "1203101 VER-05".

  2. i bought it on june 14th and shows the same as Mike Xenos

  3. When holding 3 I got :Ver BFB 251
    Holding 6: 1204171

  4. Mine is BFB231 and holding 6 is 120702 ver05

  5. Aug 13th from 409shop.

    120702 Ver 5

  6. Ver BFB 251
    1203211 ver-05