Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cloud Storage

Between Dropbox (3 GB), Microsoft's SkyDrive (25 GB), and Google Drive (5 GB), I've got more cloud storage than I can use at the moment. Whatever you use, be sure to encrypt any sensitive files before you upload them - or don't upload them at all.

BTW - if you've been using SkyDrive, make sure to claim your 25 GB before it drops to 7 GB.


  1. Unfortunately, the 7GB cap for SkyDrive got dropped in on the 22nd, per Microsoft's blog post.

    I really need to figure out which of these cloud drive systems will work out the best in the long run... But being that most of the information I would want to put on them is sensitive, I am in no real hurry.

    1. I'm running all three for the moment. Dropbox may win out with Android, iPad, iPhone, and Windows clients.

      I had my Live account because I use the Live Mesh to sync between machines - no cloud storage, so I was able to get the 25 GB.

      I'm sure the disk space will continue to grow.

  2. Glad one of my random notes was useful to someone!

  3. Thanks for the heads up!