Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Programming Software Problems

I agree with Julian (G4ILO), the various Yahoo Groups are almost unreadable right now due to the flood of programming issues - mostly related to counterfeit chips:
"Problems with programming cables seem to be making up half the traffic in forums and groups dedicated to handheld radios. The problems are all associated with cables that use (or claim to use) Prolific USB adapters. These days, programming cables come with USB adapters built-in, so the need for separate USB to RS-232 converters - which could use a less troublesome FTDI or Silicon Labs chipset - is eliminated. But so, unfortunately, is the option to solve the problem by using a different type of adapter."

These are the major steps - no matter what radio/software.

1. Successfully install the USB to Serial adapter driver for the programming cable. Verify that the OS says the device is working properly by looking in Device Manager (Windows).

2. Also in Device Manager, determine what COM port the cable is using.

3. Install the programming software for your radio.

4. Configure the software to use the COM port that was verified in Step 2.

5. Read from the radio.

You cannot move to the subsequent step until you have successfully completed the prior one.

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