Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cloud Storage

Lifehacker has a good comparison of the various cloud storage options. Also via Lifehacker, Otixo provides a tool for unified management of all your cloud storage. I'm still developing my own strategy for where I put my files. Since I have 25 GB with SkyDrive, it is in the lead, but I use lots of Google services. Clients might be the tipping point since I would like to have Windows, Android, and iOS.


  1. My favorite functionality-wise these days has been SugarSync, but Google Drive intrigues me with a feature from Google Docs I have been using for awhile now. If you have Google's CloudPrint services installed you can print to your Google Drive as a PDF file from any web page. Great feature. I use it to save all of those pesky "print this for your records" confirmation pages, and invoices.

    Neil. W2NDG

    1. That is a great idea. I use CutePDF on my computer to print to PDF, but that might be a better way.