Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Import Communications

I just saw this note on Ed's Import Communications website:
"Wouxun.US is my domain name. It is not connected with Wouxun-China other than the fact I sell over 500 Wouxun radios per month.
China does not like the fact that other brands of radios are associated with this web site.
Any questions about products on this site should be directed to or info@importcommunications only."
I assumed that the name change from to Import Communications was driven by Ed's desire to sell more brands with a more generic web site/company name. It never occurred to me that Wouxun/China wouldn't like seeing the Baofeng and TYT along side the Wouxun radios. Duh.


  1. And still no news on the Wouxun KG-UV920R?

  2. I've stopped waiting, I'm getting the TH-9000 (UHF). The price for new beats used for the big three, not to mention the wider TX range for those authorized to use them. It, along with TH-8900 and TH-9800 have received FCC and IC approval for our Canadian neighbor last week.

    It's okay that Wouxun is not offering yet, it's a free market.