Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Math Must Work

Verizon won't waive a $30 fee, so they lose the long term revenue stream worth much more than that. On the face of it, this makes no sense. I can only assume for every person that leaves Verizon there are more than enough people that will just pay the $30 to offset the other lose. It is tough being one of the few that want to fight against silly policies that are not logical, but may make financial sense to Gigantic Corps.


  1. At least in the Northeast USA, Verizon has the best coverage from urban to rural and back. They know this, so will charge as much as they can. Even when I left them ten years ago, they will let you leave. Why? Many return to them, paying the highest mobile rates. That's why they're the largest carrier in the USA, and they know it.

    If you are off-contract and like the Verizon coverage but not the prices, perhaps give Page Plus a try. They are a MVNO that uses the VZ network. Good luck.

  2. For budding businesses that cannot possibly support its own expenses yet need to be logical in facing the fact of issuing at least that $30 fee that'll help on the long run. That's why it only made sense if the ones not implementing this policy are only the big shots, but as for the growing ones you have to do all you can to make it work out.