Thursday, May 31, 2012

TYT TH-9800: Dual/Quad Band Mobile

I'm finally getting around to doing a real post about the TYT TH-9800.

First, I do not see it listed on the TYT website.

The KC2RA site posted some info about the TH-9800 when they did the review of Chinese mobiles.

Kight Radio does have it listed, but labels the radio as a dual band mobile. It hints at a surprise and suggests reviewing the spec sheet where the frequency ranges are 28.000 - 29.700, 50.000 - 54.000, 144.000 - 148.000, 430.000 - 450.000. Also, on the 25 MAY 2012 update from Kight Radio, they report the TH-9800 will also have "AM Reecieve on the Aircraft band."

Andrews Communications Systems has the TH-9800 listed on their site with an expected price of less than $499 AUD/$485 USD. Given a price in that ballpark and the quad band capabilities, this would not appear to be a direct competitor to the KG-UV920R. This picture on the Andrews site doesn't look anything like the others below.

This post on the TYT-USA Yahoo Group mentions a unit at Dayton. Martyn (K4TEC) gives a little more detail:
"Re the Quad Band mobile transceiver, this is still under development, a dummy rig was seen at Dayton, Sam (from TYT China) let one float around, this will be an exciting rig and a good price but it is not going to be available until very late in the year if at all this year."
From the 21 MAY 2012 update, Kight Radio also talks about a unit that they had, but it was the dual band. They do specifically mention that the TH-9800 should ship in October. Image from Kight Radio:

Earlier in the month, Nate pointed out in the comments that there could be some photoshop action going on in the TYT TH-9800 Dual/Quad band - a Yaesu FT-8800R screen? It doesn't mean the radio is fake by any stretch as I can image the marketing designer grabbing something convenient to complete the image.

For what might be the single band versions of these radios, there is already Type 90 acceptance by the FCC (ID: X24-MOBILE-V). Again back to the pictures, nothing matches so I don't know what to expect. This is the picture that is linked to the TH-9800VHF documents on the FCC site.
I've copied the features list from Sparky's blog here. He mentions a price of $375 - $450 USD and says it will be available "Winter 2012." I'm not sure of his source, so I am leaning towards Kight's price and date, since he talks about going to China and seeing the various manufacturers and sellers.


  • Outstanding 0.2uV sensitivity across 10m/6m/2m/70cm bands
  • Brilliant crossmodulation, intermodulation rejection and strong signal performance – similar to commercial radios!
  • Commercial quality and commercial performance, too!
  • 256 memory channels
  • DTMF mic included!
  • Digital FM broadcast band radio
  • High/low output power levels
  • Reverse frequency selection
  • Dual (V/U) squelch set levels
  • Dual repeater offsets selectable
  • Multi-function scanning
  • Repeater offset selectable
  • Keypad lock function
  • Channel name editing
  • CTCSS/DCS encode/decode
  • Dual Band/Dual Receive: (Full Duplex)
  • Cross Band Repeat
  • TX Power: 5-50 Watts
  • Memories: 256
  • Antenna Connection: Two SO (UHF)

For the quad-bander, two antenna connections makes a lot more sense.

Given the lessons of the KG-UV920R, I'm not going to hold my breath for this one either.


  1. Mr. Brick.
    The images you've just posted are of the mono-banders.

    Please look here:

    And even in red:


    1. And again, here with the specs:


    2. And if that doesn't blow your mind, have a look here:

      Dualband radio TriDisplay: Amocom AZ-B3

      It looks like an actual product in one of the pics there..

      And now look here:

      Looks familiar?
      LT-UV = TYT UVF1
      LT-UV2 = Amocom AZ-B3
      LT-UV3 = Feidaxin FD-880

      New Luiton anyone?



    3. Nate - thanks for all the replies this morning. I'm at work, but will have to check all that information out. If you see this reply, please send me an e-mail ... You can reach me at --- drop the name of the radio.

    4. Nate,

      I was poking around the Amocom site and stumbled upon this. Talk about shanzhai or counterfeit, down to the manual!!!


  2. Is this also a new part of the "Wouxun Soap"?
    Now from TYT?
    I hope not!

  3. I will have the 9800 in 2 weeks time (it would be sooner but the Christmas Rush is delaying their arrival)

    Best 73s

  4. We now have the TH-9800 in stock in very limited quantities and will also be accepting back orders, I plan to have a you tube video over the next 2 or 3 days and we have already started a Yahoo Users group for this model

    1. Martyn - thanks and I look forward to the video. Merry Christmas!

  5. I have produced a more in depth look at the new TYT TH-9800 Quad Band Transceiver and software.
    I demonstrate some of the many features of this excellent quad band rig

    Happy New Year to you :)